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Introductory Special: $99

(Mount Pleasant School)

  • 6 weeks of classes
  • Includes uniform
  • For beginning students only

Please note: Children’s classes start 5 age and up. Children aged 5 are to be evaluated before joining the class.

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Swords Training Program: $295

(Mount Pleasant School)

  • Includes wooden sword and uniform
  • 3 months of classes
  • Ages 12+ only

Tang Soo Do is a Korean style traditional Martial Art. It is for all ages 5 to 85. Student members are welcome and encouraged to attend as many classes as they can throughout the week. We strongly recommend that students attend al least 2 classes a week

Tang Soo Do is an adult orientated Martial Art and not just for kids. Adults can start at any age regardless of fitness level, weight, strength or coordination. Men, women and children all attend class and enjoy all the benefits of the Martial Arts.

Martial arts are also a fun way to learn self-defense while exercising. The movements build your endurance, muscle strength, and flexibility. Many doctors and chiopractors recommend Martial Arts for a good way to build your body.